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Weekend getaway from Tokyo, Friday night > Sunday evening.

If you are looking to plan a weekend trip without the planning, this is for you.

We are making it easy for you, a weekend getaway complete with locations to Sleep for free, Recommendations for food and stuff to do and Hot Springs (not free but cheap)

I have highlighted 3 spots to spend each night, this trip could be done in 2 nights also, just drop a spot from the trip. 

Map of 3 key locations:


A lot of people do the rope course at Hakone, its a nice day trip via train but its also a great spot to visit by car, The Yuryo Hot Springs is a great spot for a bath, we recommend sleeping a the roadside station, but if you plan to hang out in the town then coin parking on the edge of the town is an option. 


Bathe/ Eat: Hakone Yuryo

Sleep: Roadside Station Hakone Togo, good spot to rest if tired before continuing on into Izu

Heda, Izu

It's a town which we cannot get enough of, the deep sea bay the town overlooks is home to spider crabs which make a nice lunch, there is a restaurant right on the harbour with a fish markets on the ground floor, lunch only. For Dinner check out Tagure, you can also rent fishing rods and bikes here to explore the town. The Onsen is located at the back of the Town,

Eat: まるさん Marusan, Seafood/ Crab Restaurant on the harbour  10am - 6pm

Cafe: Tagure Hostel, Excellent coffee open late, great place to chill out. 


Bathe: Road Station at the back of the town, Hot Springs closes at 8pm


1. Road Station as above

2. Look out near the town

Something Different:

The Old Bus, a dream drive favourite, converting an old bus into a bar with a view of Mr. Fuji. You will want to park nearby is a good spot before heading in (of course)

Mount Fuji, Lake Saiko

A favourite view of the Fuji for the team, you can drive the van on to bank of the lake at a few points, we have slept in vans there with no trouble in the past, and its worth having a drive around it to find a spot. If you are interested in setting up camp properly (making a fire etc) there are several campsites around the lake which you can book, let the team know when you book if you want us to organise a space for you.

There are a few interesting spots to visit in the area, an ancient village, a bat cave and an ice cave (in winter) open google maps in the area and you will see the spots.  

Eat/ Bathe/ Sleep: Fuji Yurari Hot Spring, There is a nice Hot Spring nearby, great baths, good food and camper vans are commonly sighted sleeping in the car park also


1. Near the lake, wild camp

2. Roadside Station Katsuyama Rest Area, Food also available until 5pm, its located at the next lake over.