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Japan by Campervan route planner

The truth is that there are some many places to go and explore in Japan, sometimes its best just to give you the sleep spots so that you can go with the flow.

Please see this map as a work in progress, we will keep adding to it, and if you find some a spot you feel should be added please send it over.

I suggest bookmarking this page during your trip and coming back to it as you need it.

Instructions to using google my maps:

- Click on icon to see photos of the location

- To toggle location types on and off click the icon at the top left and select diffent types of sleep spot

- Click on directions to receive driving location data

Yellow: Food and drinks, bathing (onsen) and in-car rest parking available.

Red: Food and drinks and in-car rest parking available.

Dark blue: Just in-car rest parking available (and toilets, which is standard)

Photo by Mash Babkova from Pexels