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Why Japan is the best place for Campervan travel

Japan is uniquely suited for Campervan travel, its arguably the best place in the world for it and that is partly by conisidence and partly by design, here are my top 7 reasons why to choose a campervan in Japan.

10 Reasons why a campervan is the best way to see Japan

1. The Hot Springs Bath Houses

Japan has over 30,000 bath houses dotted all over the land, which you pay just a few hundred yen to use, these baths beat any bathroom we could cram in an RV hands (and pants) down. A decent portion of them also allow you to book private rooms ahead. 

2. Road Side Stations "Michi-no-eki" 

Japan has built a network of roadside stations which are commonly used by campervans and RVs in Japan as free sleep spots, they have clean toilets, baths and even restaurants and are usually in very convenient locations 

Here is a video we made about one  

3. Freedom, Campers allows you to be spontaneous

Travel where the weather is good or go with the flow as you check out various small towns or spots around countryside Japan. Traditionally if you are going to have a vacation in Japan it requires a lot of pre-planning of transport, accommodation and so forth, campervans remove this hurdle. 

4. Some of the world's best driving roads

Its a really fun place to drive and explore, and once you get away from Tokyo the roads get quiet and very scenic.  

5. Affordable compared to hotels and bullet trains. 

In Japan you pay for hotel rooms per person, and although the bullet train has a nice deal for going to Kyoto and a few other great cities it does not reach many of the best spots in Japan 

6. The van is your locker, your changing room, your kitchen, your nap space and your dining room

Take the stress out of your trip, a massive amount of peoples vacation time is wasted dragging a suitcase around and checking into one hotel after another, people want to spend less time in hotels and more timing experiencing this amazing country.

So now you get it, next thing I need to convince you on is why you should choose Dream Drive as the campervan company to use during your trip :)

Why Choose Dream Drive

1. Unlock a deep Japan experience
People love campervans because of the freedom they offer to get off the beaten path where the trains, buses and planes can’t go. Parking is a breeze, city driving isn’t stressful, you will see the Japan travelers dream of, and we provide interesting recommended places from our team and other travelers.

2. Clear pricing / all inclusve
We keep our pricing clear and simple and ensure to include all the insurance, bedding and camping equipment travels need to be spontaneous and travel Japan freely.  Our vans can be booked instantly on the website. Our rates are competitive with motorhome/ RV companies, campervan companies, and even hostels & hotels.

3. We build every Campervan
Everyvan we rent is built at our depot in Tokyo, and the designs are improved and optimized from customers feedback and our own experience. We take pride in what we build and adapt van over time to ensure we put out the most function builds possible.

4. Fuel efficiency/ Carbon Positive
Spend half as much on gas in a campervan compared to an RV. Our fleet is off set with the help of Offset Earth, and we also write off the carbon created by friends booking overseas making us the most fuel-efficient in the Japan. 

5. Space-efficient Campers
The way we design the campervans is to balance the space vs comfort, our aim is that people will not fell like they are sleeping in a car or even an average campervan, we want them to feel at home. We also make sure there is plenty of storage space for suitcases and so forth without sacrificing drivability.

6. Super comfy!

We use hotel grade bedding and memory foam mattresses, our customers are a mix of experienced Campers and people using them for the first time. We always hear from the experienced campers that our beds are the best they have used in a van.